February 16, 2014

Dancing under streetlights

Happy Valentine's day to all my lovelies readers!
Valentine's always identical with chocolate, rose, red and pink colors, I decided to choosed pink as my valentine's this year.
how did you spend your Valentine's Day yesterday  guys? I didn't get a bucket of roses or a bars of chocolate at all.
but, I spend my Valentine's Day with someone who I care about, that's more than enough for me , still the same person as last year, someone who always makes me upset, annoying, sad, happy, laugh, and caring. 
I hope next year I will celebrate again with the same person as this and last year :)
I'm wearing another pretty skirt from Chlorine Clothe , please tell me how do I not fell in love with this skirt? i know you guys will falling in love with this skirt like me. Can't believe I always wear this skirt again and over again when this skirt is just dry from washed lol.

January 26, 2014


How i miss blogging so much!
ooh dear.. been soo extremely busyyy recently. as i've shared to you on my previous post that i'm working now, working is much more harder than student life (i think so).
and i just recovered from Dengue fever. yaa.. (if you follow my instagram i'm sure you know it already lol )
i spend a week in the Hospital , but so lucky i have a super uber kind best friends and lover who always came to the hospital to accompanied me.  feelling so blessed ;)
 Talk about my outfit here, i was wearing the most comfortable and cute skirt from Chlorine Clothe.
Chlorine Clothe is online shopping based on Jakarta (Indonesia), you can customize your size,color and the length of your dream skirt!! who's not gonna falling in love with it?!
you guys can find them on instagram : @chlorineclothe  and find your favorite skirts! 

September 19, 2013

You're Gonna Hear Me!

it's been a month i didn't touch my blog at all, and yea i miss blogging too much :(
now i'm starting to keep update my blog ,keep in touch and sharing with you guys lol
i took this picture few days ago, when i went out with my bf, by the way look at my shoes! i found this super comfortable boots from H&M Malaysia, i was looking for comfortable heels lately, and so lucky i found them!
and i was fallin in love at the first sight with this boots!
now my life little bit changing, yaaa i'm officially graduated last month!!! sooooo i'm not longer student, yeaa!!
not that happy actually... haha i miss my student's life, and i don't want to be graduated this fast as well , time flies soo damn fast isn't? and now i'm working in Malaysia, and that's true, working always more suffering than student, i just wanna say for you guys who still study in high school or university, just enjoy your time, enjoy your life, seriously!! working is not that easy maybe like you guys think before ;)

July 14, 2013

we won't stop

i just went back from my holiday, i went to my boyfriend's hometown.
beforeI thought nothing interesting from my bf's hometown.. but now I admit I was wrong. 
so many new places and interesting things I found in my bf's hometown, from foods (all the foods it's too spicy for me!), lifestyle, and many amazing places. if you follow my instagram, of course you know about the amazing place that I mean. i really like that place, i feel like i don't want to go back. lol and I'm sure one day I'll go back to that place.
this outfit pictures i took when i was in my bf's hometown.
about my outfit, i got this simple and chic white dress from my new sponsor, LeonyEvelyn.
online shopping based in Surabaya (Indonesia). how i love this dress so much! it's really comfortable to wear, comfort material and simple. i always in love with something simple and chic. you also can get this necklace from LeonyEvelyn
just click here to find LeonyEvelyn online shopping Indonesia ;))

June 16, 2013

square and round

few days ago i did photoshoot for my first final garment
and this is what i wore that day,
i'm in love with black and white like seriously, and never get enough with black and white stuffs
like this dress, hope u like it guys! xx