June 30, 2010

universal studio

28june2010,I went to universal studio singapore with evelyn,diana,sevvy and stella
photo1: with all my girls,except diana ,photo2:action with evelyn and sculpture funny, photo3:I wear a crown cap,and it is not mine of course ,photo4:
in front of the far far away castle,I wear Rayband glasses, Gaudi cardigans, mini Zara jeans,unbranded shoes,

singapore holiday

june,24-29 I went to singapore with my friends .just a little trip.but I think this is a remarkable journey,I am very pleased with this trip, hoping the next time could be like this again with my girls :)
photo 1: I was walking with Evelyn in the orchard after shopping at Forever21 ,photo2:I wore a mini dress with flower vest, Versace handbags,rayband sunglasses,shoes are not branded,forever21 necklace,forefer21 bracelet, photo3: with evelyn,sevvy and stella in front of the Mandalay tower, captured by diana, photo4: at bugis street, photo5: in front of tan tock seng hospital :)