July 26, 2010


docoloco- name for the title of my blog, this time. I want to learn about fashion,maybe I don't know anything about it,but I love wearing heels,bracelets,necklaces,etc haha:)

-forever21 gold heels,unbranded skirt,ruby bracelets,pearl necklace-

July 6, 2010

white girl

I don't know what to do,I just sat on the curb.but my brother came and took my pic :p
in this photo i'm wearing Chloe shelby bag, Manggo shirt, mixmax bracelet,unbranded shoes

July 1, 2010

something in orchard

something happened in orchard, that time i was shopping at forever21 and i meet with girl from Toronto. she is a blogger, she loves fashion. and she was interested with me and my friends. then she took shot of me and my friends, and enter our photo into the she blog. i'm very glad to meet her :)
let's check her blog http://cityflare.blogspot.com