March 24, 2011

Can you feel that?

This was my first time photoshoot in my condominium,is actually not want to take photos at this place, but because there is a slight problem so I chose this place to photograph, how do you think about this place guys?
and this is the first time i braid my hair, haha ​​
because that day is my bad hair day,so i decided to braid my hair.
So what are you wearing today let me see guys!
can't wait to check your blog guys :) Have a Nice Day all!!
photos by: Diana and Evellyn



March 14, 2011

when you have to look away

maybe this is my old post, but I just had time to update it. this photo was taken a few months ago, when I was in Indonesia.
OMG!! how much I miss Indonesia, and stupidly in a situation like this I just realized that my home town is the best place, I really miss Indonesian food, sop buntut,kerak telor,rawon,soto betawi,and the other is the best I think, really want to go back to Indonesia and say goodbye to malaysia :(

March 2, 2011

around the world


hey dear, welcome march!! Today was the second day I went to college, and all is not as bad as I thought, very many interesting things will I pass.
Yess .. I majored in fashion design at my college, not want to be a
great designer, I just want to know the wider fashion world.and on the one side i'm happy because I can start my studies, but on the one side ,i feel very sad because i have to long distance relationship with my boyfriend.
he went to germany and I'm in malaysia, can you imagine? how do i survive this relationship, with 7-hour time difference, and very hard to communicate with it,
I really hope I can see him again,though don't know when :(

all these photos taken by diana from "call me diyn". thanks a lot for her :)