April 26, 2011

from the very start

This photo was taken when I get home college a few weeks ago.
yes! like this if going to college,i always wear sandals or flat shoes and i never wear high heels to go to college, because I thought high heels are not comfortable enough to be used to college.
just three days ago I returned to Malaysia to continue my school , just one week in Indonesia is very less for me, i want stay in Indonesia for several months. but the time for a vacation is up, and should be ready to deal with the usual routine haha :D

almost forgot! HAPPY EASTER anyway ,sorry too late to say this ;)


April 13, 2011

My heart beats like a drum

feels strange to me wearing a long skirt, I never wear before.
this photo was taken when I was hanging out with my friends,have long been not wear high heels, while wearing high heels again i'm feeling very tired,and honestly i prefer to wear flat shoes guys, how about you? ;)

I wear the same clothes, I'm just confused better to wear long skirts or short skirts. so I tried to wear short skirts as well, which one do you think is better?

sorry to include this picture, yes this is my dog​​, he named jason.
he was very fat and very cute, i love him too much!!!!
but now he's GONE, don't know where he is now, not knowing where he was sleeping, don't know how he eats,omgggggg i'm really sad!
3 days again i'm gonna back to indonesia, I really wish I could meet him when I go home, but now I know it's impossible.
every day I cry when I saw his picture, I just hope he comes back to my house

April 9, 2011

pieces of memories

everyone has memories that are important in her life, yes this is a picture of my best memories.

this is my picture with my lovely girl "Diana"
yes, we are a housemate in malaysia, we went to college the same place, and we are in the same faculty, we take fashion design for the major. and can you imagine? we are always together! and it was very fun guys! really <3

and I made both this picture for my boyfriend
he was in Germany so there's no other way to celebrate our anniversary, so I deliberately made ​​this flag.
look!! German and Malaysian flag that indicates I'm with him,haha :)

April 3, 2011

sunday afternoon♥

yesterday, wearing stockings, high heels, and ripped shirt, is my choice for the day.
I wear stockings because I want to be different than wearing pants, so I decided wearing ripped stockings that match with my shirt


YEY! very happy to remember this month is April
because this month I will go to Jakarta, met with dear family and friends
how much I missed them all, really impatient waiting for the mid of this month.
almost forgot, today my brother's birthday
I really hope now I can be home and celebrate his birthday
happy birthday dear brother,i miss you badly :(