May 26, 2011

maxi and hat

i took this photo twice, at home and in the studio :)

Omggg! my face looks really tired here,hahaha
and this is my model for my headgear..

I made and design the headgear by myself. I made ​​it to the final assignment in my college. This headgear is a Victorian theme. look! whether my headgear already fits with the vinctorian theme?? LOLS
thanks a lot to my model : Joseline Fang

May 20, 2011

pink macadamia

this photos was taken in Jakarta.. omg!! how much i miss Indonesia
i wish i could be there soon.

wearing pink pink pink for the day, and actually I really like wearing tights.
feel comfortable wearing it, tights also have a lot of cute pattern.
and just realized, the biggest mistake that day was "wearing high heels on the grass!!!"
OMG! do you know how difficult walking on the grass with high heels? hahahaha
I will never again wearing high heels on the grass, it was a stupid thing

Thanks for who invited me to his blog :)

May 16, 2011


dresscode magazine -may2011-

yes,as I promised in my last post.I will share with you guys about my post on this one.
This is me (left) and my best friend (right).
you must know this one. yes, she is a fashion blogger came from Indonesia,
from "call me Diiiyn" , she also my friend in high school, and now she is my housemate in malaysia. look at her, she's very beautiful and smart, I'm so glad got a friend like her.

we go in the same magazine, and the same page!
the funny thing is we don't know each other if we're going to magazines and even on the same page. haha I thought, what the magazine editors know this if we are best friends? hahaha
This is really unexpected guys :)

May 12, 2011


This photo was taken when I would go to a pavillion a few weeks ago.
feeling very lazy today wearing too many accessories,so i just wore simple outfit.and i never imagined that the blue and yellow will look perfect when we combine them.

find me and my best friend from "Call me Diiiyn" on dresscode magazine this month!
I will try to update it as soon as possible :)


May 5, 2011

still waiting for you

This photo was taken when I'm back to my hometown last week.
and what do you think about this street? do not know why I like this street.
looking a little bit different to the streets in the city :)

This first time I've photoshoot with my favorite doll.
look at her! she's very cute, i love her and of course i took her to Malaysia for join with me here. and the funny thing was my housemate was terrified to see this doll, she said "these dolls are not cute, she looks like a doll in a horror movie" hahahha, but I don't too concerned with that.
I feel she's very cute, what do you think? scary or cute?

HYPE this look! <3