September 27, 2011


I really love the pattern in these shorts, what do you think?

These shorts look like skirts, some of my friends say this is a skirt
but actually shorts. I bought these shorts a few months ago,
maybe half a year ago, but I just wearing it.
because I don't know what clothes are suitable for these shorts

September 17, 2011

like a love song

-Lola boots from 'June and Julia'-

-My mom's clutch-

-Mango necklace, b'day present from my bestie 'Evellyn'-

orange became my favorite color now. don't know why..
bright and fresh colors make me love it.
This is one of my clothes are orange colored, what do you think?

September 10, 2011


too many assignments, and too little time so make me leave the blog temporarily. sorry because I rarely update this blog, I promised to update this blog more often.
see my shoes! this is my new baby from 'June and Julia', I just got it a few weeks ago, how is it?? I really loved it.