December 21, 2012

Just give me a reason

last week I went to singapore, to attend my sister's wedding. 
I'm very very upset right now, someone who I thought it was my faker , reported my account is a fake account to the facebook, so now my account is deleted by the facebook. 
I dont know what to say.............., it was my original, my REAL account, but some people say it's a fake account, and report me to the facebook account, so I can't find my account back now. 
I was very upset, soooooo stupid!!

I decided to create a new facebook account after this, so I really apologize to you guys who's trying to find my account, but couldn't find it. I'm not blocking your facebook account, but a great faker who claimed he/she was me, 'okky Dommy' that says my account is not real, and remove my account from facebook.


  1. So sorry to hear that you lose your facebook account..
    Just so you know kak, that you're pretty for the real :)

  2. ndoroooo sapa yg berani report km begitu sini aku hajarr!!!! hahaha, cantik banget fotonya *selalu yehhh*

  3. Feel sorry to hear that. And guess.wht? I loveee your outfit and your gorgeousness
    . ^_^

  4. love your dress.... so amazing...:)

  5. So pretty love your outfit so much <3
    And be patient cii , God will give a way to the right person ;)

  6. ohmy.. that faker is so sucks! still pretend to be you in her twitter account and bitching everywhere! i feel sorry for your fb account :(
    anw, you look so pretty in this outfit! love your floral top (or dress? lol)

    Missing Bee

  7. what's ur new acc's name huh? :( i want to re-add if you u dont mind

  8. So sorry to hear about that, the faker should just go to hell! Anw you look stunning as always! That dress suits you so much!

  9. wow.. you look so stunning kak..
    gorgeous dress.

  10. I miss seeing you around in facebook babyyyyyyy :(

    I wish you were here for our Christmas dinner huhu

  11. Cute floral top


  12. nice top :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  13. you look stunning, very cute floral top btw


  14. i'm sorry for your problem Okky. I hope everything gonna be okay

    about your look, i love the whole outfit! especially your skirt.
    happy new year

  15. you look pretty as usual! i like your bangle! <3
    happy new year btw~

    omg! that's so stupid. masih ada aja faker kayak gitu -,-

  16. okky sabar yaa!!! jahat banget sih bs ada org kaya gitu ckckck. -.-

  17. love the outfit :)

    aww hopefully the faker case doesn't happen again! it is such a ridiculous thing that the faker did!

  18. You look great with those top and skirt .. Anyway so sorry about your FB account :(

  19. Your outfit looks so comfortable! It's so perfect for this weather and I like the color of your Smart casual dress code!


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