March 25, 2012

Look at me!

my new baby!! super love it <3

I just took these photos, I'm too excited to share to you guys about my new post.
I just bought a pair of red shoes last week, I found a shoe shop in Malaysia that has a unique model, convenient, and cheap. the store has a lot of shoes are cute and unique, and I began to fall in love with these red shoes.
so I decided to buy it, what do you think guys?

March 12, 2012

YOU and I

Me and Evellyn

I want to introduce you guys, this is Evellyn.
she is my best friend from senior high school and now we are in the same college and faculty. and you know guys? she is my lovely housemate,
I'm very lucky to have friend like her in my life, she is so pretty, and she really loves to cook, she's like a chef in our condo.hahahaaaa ;)

When a friend is in trouble, do not annoy her by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something Appropriate and do it.

March 2, 2012


-miss selfridge clutch ; marc jacob watch-


This is the first time I made my own clothes. This is my brother's shirt,
that day I was wanted to make something new, suddenly came the idea to make this shirt hahahaaa, and I combine them with long pants and high heels and simple watch.