April 25, 2012

what she loves!

me- diana- evellyn

This photo taken a few weeks ago. and if you see at this photo was taken at our condo actually. hahaha
in my previous post, I introduced you all, my housemate named 'evellyn', and you know my housemate actually not just one.
I would like to introduce to you my other housemate. She is Diana! and yes... maybe you are familiar with her.  'diana caitilin' she came from her blog "call me diiiyn".
so hows all my housemate guys? they are so beautiful right?

April 11, 2012

give your heart a break

-diana, me, evellyn, yoan-

last week, i went out with my girls bought some fabric for my assignment and shopping.
look at my hair, my classmates taught me tie up my hair like this, and I tried it, how is it? I really like it. hahahaaa
eehhmmm... i feel so fatttttt lately, maybe i need a little diet. maybe I need to lose 2 kg more than my weight :(:(

April 1, 2012

April fools day!

Happy april fools day everyone!
i really like this day, a lot of people doing stupid things on this day.
I remember when I was a kid, I lied to my teacher, I pretended to be sick and pass out in front of her, my teacher screamed and panicked, she took me to the clinic, but it was not long before arriving at the clinic, I wake up and tell her that I lied, this is a april fools day!!
She was surprised and laughed.hahahhaaaaa It is really funny memories guys.
what is your story about the april fools day guys? share w me! ;)