June 28, 2012

Summertime sadness

zara black lacey top - forever21 shorts- body&soul bikini - topshop studded shoes - mango bag

i took my favorite song became my tittle on my post right now. that song came from 'Lana del rey'. pretty girl with an amazing voice. i really love her.. she's so pretty,stunning and so cool!!

I wore this outfit a few days ago when went to waterboom. I went with my brother and my mom.
jakarta has a very hottt weather, and there is no winter here, Indonesia only has summer and rainy season.
thats's why I always jealous with country that has many seasons, like winter and spring :(

June 23, 2012

This is june!

Nathalie from her blog 'Natzcracker' and Bella from 'Missing Bee'

Anita came from her blog 'Anita Putri' and me

a few days ago I met with Anita, nathalie and bella, they are fashion blogger from indonesia.
This is the first time I met them, they are very friendly and suppaaa cute..look at them!
they all have small sizes, and I looks soooo big standing next to them
oh no................I looked like a monster

June 16, 2012

I've been waiting all day

a few days ago I went to celebrate my birthday with my friends.
actually my birthday is in May, but at that moment we're busy with our exams, so I decided to celebrate it in June.

I am very
happy right now, because I'll go back to Indonesia a few days again. so see you soon Jakarta!
love ya :))

June 11, 2012


the makeup

Photographer: Diana Caitilin
Designer: Okky dommy
Model : Okky Dommy & Cindy wilson
Makeup: Rizqina Vizzya Hassan

This is my final garment for this semester. we have to make two garment with 'global muslimah' theme. and my final garment actually inspired by Morocco traditional outfit. hahaaa how is it?
in my first garment (model by me), i made one pieces dress with two different fabric between top and the bottom, and i made cape for the outerwear. and for my second garment (model by cindy) i made one pieces dress with vest and overlap skirt, this is for the casual one ;)

took this picture last week, and I became a model in this photo because my model suddenly became ill and couldn't come in this photoshoot,
so i replaced her. and now I just finished my final project for this semester. time to return to Indonesia anddddd enjoy the holiday ;D

June 1, 2012

green and flowers!

like i told you before guys, i'm very busy lately, and finally i updated my blogpost.
this is JUNE baby! oh my...! how time flies too fast. I always felt I just had entered 2012 ,but now it is in the middle of the year :(

and i want introduce you guys, my little boy.. yes he is my lovely dog ,his name is 'Lolo' , he's not just mine.. he is evellyn's as well (my housemate).
look at him! he soooo cute and super naughty guys , i didn't lie!!