July 30, 2012

green tea and lemon

my new baby!!

gucci croisette clutch - marc jacob watch -random rings -f21 bangles

i'm simply in love with my dress and my heels today!

i got this dress from my lovely mom, suddenly she bought me this dress. how lucky I am! my mom really understands what I like...
and this is the first time I wore my new baby. how is it? I fell in love at first sight with this shoesss crazyyyy! hahaha ;D

July 24, 2012

When you dont have much to say

i went to penang last week before i go back to jakarta.
this is my outfit i wore that day, wearing sun glasses is my favorite time to go on vacation.
and you know penang has a hot weather and the sun is veryyyyyyyy.........
so I decided to wear sun glasses, enjoy the photos guys :)

July 21, 2012

blow me

mango white shirt - kristen tweed blazer by berrybenka- new look flower shorts - june&julia shoes

I wore this outfit when I went to a mall in Malaysia a few days ago.
I very rarely wear a blazer, because I'm very hard to find a blazer that can fit well in my body
I'm very hard to pick the right blazer :(
but now, I really like this blazer, a straight cut with a simple model make ​​me fall in love with this blazer.
This blazer comes from the same sponsor berrybenka , thank you so much berrybenka for giving me this blazer.
blazer will greatly add to my collection, yeayyy ;D

July 12, 2012

brown sugar!

noe latice dress by Berrybenka - forever21 nude shoes - fossil leather bag 

hoooww I love this dress!! still from the same sponsor  berrybenka .
I really like this dress because it is very comfortable to wear. you should try this dress very comfortable and sweet,
This dress is highly recommended hahaha!
you should try it  by yourself and prove what I said. get this dress from Berrybenka ,
online shopping from Indonesia that has many brands in it ;D

July 9, 2012

i'll be there!

lily lace dress by Berrybenka - marks & spencer bag - random rings - marc jacob watch

I'm in love with a white color lately..I dont know why? suddenly I fell in love with the white hahaa.. 
and in this post I'm wearing a dress from my new sponsor 'Berrybenka'. have you ever heard about berrybenka before???

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July 3, 2012

picadilly dress

picadilly dress by mont affair - forever21 earing - (x)s.m.l necklace - fossil leather bag

still from the same sponsor! i really love this dress, Picadilly dress by mont affair,
which has a long sleeves, and this dress is very comfortable to wear!
I really like the material of this dress (even though I don't know what the name of this material) hahaa.
This dress gives the impression of a simple but elegant I think.

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July 1, 2012

white flower

orgazmic tank by mont affair- gaudi skirt- marc jacob watch- fossil leather bag- forever21 shoes

I just got a package from my sponsor.. white tank top with organza material, very comfortable to use in this country. like I said before, Jakarta has a very hottt weather oooh God :(
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