August 29, 2012

Take it All

hi my sweet readers.. sorry to disappoint or disturb you for reading my post.
I added
a label on each my photo. once again sorry.. I did that because I found my faker on facebook, he/she made a fan page using my photos and pretend to be me. and he/she is so much more famous than me.
he/she has a lot of fans on facebook. he/she not only made the fan page, but it also makes a blog and twitter using my photos!!
I know this news a few months ago, but I didn't do anything. until a few days ago, two people said I was a faker and my faker is the 'real me'. just because people see him/her more famous than me!! he/she has a lot of followers on twitter, and so much more than my followers, and he/she has a lot of fans on facebook!
I feel very disappointed and want to be mad at that time... and I think I have to take action before all the people do not believe that I'm a 'REAL'. hahahha...
but one, faker is always be a faker and will never turn into a real person. I really really hate someone like this. Shame and will never show who he/she really is.... oh shame on you 'faker'!

August 19, 2012


happy Eid Mubarak 1433H for all the people who celebrate! :)
and happy holiday guys!

I went back to jakarta this time for the Eid holiday, meeting up with family and friends here.I do not celebrate Eid, but I really appreciate this Eid day, probably because I live in a country where many Muslims here, so I can feel the atmosphere of Eid in this country. . hahaha.
one that I like about this Eid is ......eating 'ketupat' (rice cake).hahaha once again friends, happy Eid mubarak!!

August 10, 2012

Back to summer paradise

finally I went to the beach.
yes, I really wish I could go to the beach during the holidays. I'm so bored with the town full of huge buildings. I want to enjoy my day with a beach and coconuts! and finally, I make it happen! hahaha
I went to penang few weeks ago, and I know it is too late. I'm very busy lately.
I'm back to reality, back to college, holiday is over!!
too many assignments right now. and you know guys, i have to make 3 garments in this semester. ooohh God...
please wish me luck dear! ;)