December 21, 2012

Just give me a reason

last week I went to singapore, to attend my sister's wedding. 
I'm very very upset right now, someone who I thought it was my faker , reported my account is a fake account to the facebook, so now my account is deleted by the facebook. 
I dont know what to say.............., it was my original, my REAL account, but some people say it's a fake account, and report me to the facebook account, so I can't find my account back now. 
I was very upset, soooooo stupid!!

I decided to create a new facebook account after this, so I really apologize to you guys who's trying to find my account, but couldn't find it. I'm not blocking your facebook account, but a great faker who claimed he/she was me, 'okky Dommy' that says my account is not real, and remove my account from facebook.

December 13, 2012

Face to face

hi my lovely readers, I want to say sorry for about a month I didn't update my blog..
because I'm very busy lately, i was busy with my final project and now I have to look for internship for my assignment. I took this photo a few months ago, when I was bored and nothing to do at that time. 
hope you enjoy the photos loveee